English Drama

List of drama's collection for English

**Drama is guaranteed with full episodes of drama High Quality together with English subtitle. The cost of one full set of drama is depend on;
  • If you want to burned it into DVD, it depend on how many DVD it can contained = One DVD full - RM8/piece.
  • If you want to copy the whole set of drama into your hard disk, RM10 per set of drama (It's cheap right if compared with your effort to wait and collect the whole season as with all the high quality and English subtitle)
A) List of English Drama

  1. Boston Med
  2. Chuck Season 1-4
  3. Gossip Girl 1-4
  4. Heroes Season 1- 4
  5. House MD Season 1-7
  6. Lost Season 1-6 [End]
  7. Miami Medical Season 1
  8. Prison Break 1-4 [End]
  9. Smallville Season 1-10
  10. Harry Potter - Movie 1 - 6